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asklepia health 0 Comments 23rd October, 2021

Having recovered from Covid, we still need to be under medical follow up for another couple of months.  This is to recover fast and avoid complications.

After the initial two-week treatment for Coved, we may be left with some problems.

Weakness, poor appetite is very common.

This is the time when we need enough nutrition, with easily digestible food.

Proper protein intake is crucial. All of this will be a part of balanced diet.

What we eat, is also influenced by what we like to eat and our habits. Vegetarian diet needs a lot attention to ensure proper protein intake. This is the role of an expert dietician.

If we remained under a dietician’s guidance, once a week for two to three weeks should be enough.

Body ache with pain in the muscles and joints have also been a common complaint.

This may be an effect of the virus affecting the muscles, joints and nerves.

Joint stiffness if not picked and corrected in the first few weeks will cause long term stiffness and pain.  This has to be discussed with the doctor and regular gentle exercises with an expert physiotherapist, will make the recovery prompt.

Cardiac problems were known to happen with Coved.  This may be seen as palpitations, shortness of breath.  There are some vaccines, specially the mRNA ones which have cardiac side effects. These are very rare. A check up with the doctor, with an Echo and ECG, should enough for a proper cardiac checkup.  Steroids, which have been used quite often during the second wave can also cause high blood pressure and increase blood sugar levels.

A fasting blood sugar and BP monitoring with a doctor overseeing the reports will help.


Headaches and memory problems have been seen.  This will improve with time. In severe cases we may seek the opinion of a Neurologist.

It is the lungs that have been the worst hit by Covid. In severe cases, breathing difficulties have been seen to persist for quite some time. This depends upon how severely Lungs were involved during the infective period. In most cases Chest X-rays, measured exercise regime and Lung Function tests will help the doctor to monitor Lung recovery.

Patients who have been in critical care units for quite some time, may need to consult a mental health specialist, a psychiatrist or a phycologist. Mental health issues mist never be ignored.

… This is a problem that had affected millions. For us to recover well and return to normality, a medical vigilance needs to be combined with a positive attitude.

This is the sole purpose of Asklepia Health’s, prompt and affordable Covid Care plan.


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