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5 Hair Loss Treatments for Men to Beat the Bald Spot

asklepia health 0 Comments 26th September, 2022

Hair loss is one of the most common problems for men nowadays. Genetics, unhealthy lifestyle, environment, work pressure, stress, sleepless nights, and many more factors can be the reasons for Hair Loss problems. According to research, it affects more than half of men over the age of 55 and it is really concerning.

Hair loss can’t always be prevented; in that case, one should take or implement the necessary treatment. Proper remedies can slow down the process. There are many supplements and medicines available on market, but you need to choose the best and most popular treatments.

Depending on the causes of your hair loss, you may notice slowly thinning hair or sudden bald patch. Hair loss impacts just the hair on your scalp or entire body and it looks really odd.

Proper Medication:

There are several medications available on the market. However, before choosing the medication, you need to consult with your family physician or hair specialist in regard to your problem. Only the specialist can recommend you the best treatment according to your health condition and hair problem.

Hair Transplant Treatment:

This is one of the most popular treatments for men nowadays. While not technically a hair growth treatment transplants will nevertheless patch up those follicular bold patches. There are two popular methods Follicular transplantation and Follicular extraction. This is a surgical procedure so it might be a costly process. You need to choose a professional doctor or specialist who has expertise in this profession. You may require a few visits for the treatment process.

Laser Treatment:

This hair loss treatment reduces the type of follicle inflammation that inhibits re-growth. It is quite relatively new and not backed by copious amounts of research.

Proper Hair Care:

Hair loss can occasionally result from improper hair care. In that case, you should avoid the type of activity that’s likely to damage your follicle. You should take proper hair care, otherwise, you can experience a bald patch.

Lifestyle Change:

If you want to protect your hair from loss, you need to change your lifestyle. Now we are really addicted to unhealthy lifestyles and fast foods which are the leading causes of hair loss. Apart from that smoking, poor diet and other bad habits can harm the growth pattern of your hair.

Furthermore, there are several treatments you may want to try for your hair loss. But it would be best if you consult with your physician. A specialist can suggest you the best medication according to your hair loss condition.