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Telemedicine: History, usage, and benefits

asklepia health 0 Comments 13th August, 2022

Technology has helped in the improvement of services everywhere and healthcare is not an exception. One of the most important industries that look after the health of the people, hospitals and labs, started using telemedicine more than ever. To rewind, telemedicine is not a new addition. It has existed for a long time, but now, we have experienced its supplemented growth and usage.

What is Telemedicine?

With the term tele, you can have a basic understanding of help from a distant source. Likewise,

is medical assistance for the patient who is not physically present at the medical center, lab, doctor’s chamber, or even hospital. Mostly, it is defined as an online source of providing medical help, where a doctor and the patient can interact using a virtual platform. One can use a smartphone, tabs, or computer with a webcam to avail of telemedicine services.

Brief History of Telemedicine

When Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, the new technology inspired medical professionals to modify it so that it could be used in the medical sector. Later in the 1900s, a device was launched which would allow the medical professional to examine a patient using a camera and robotics. However, the technology failed due to a lack the advancement.

By the 1950s, again, doctors experimented with closed-circuit TVs during the treatment of patients. In the 1960s, NASA invested in the improvement of remote technologies to provide care to the astronauts in space, which in the later years started making its way into the mainstream healthcare sector. In America especially, technology proved to be bliss since the country has already started enjoying television, camera, telecommunication, and the internet.

In the 2000s, with the existence of high-speed internet, telemedicine facilities started increasing, and today it is advancing more than ever.

Uses of Telemedicine

The are four main areas of usage of telemedicine. These can be listed as follows-

● Used for real-time communication between the patient and the doctor/medical practitioner.
● Used to telemonitor remote patients and patients who are at a distance due to various reasons.
● It can be used to access medical assistance for the physically disabled.
● It can be used as Mobile Health (smartphone applications) for booking an online doctor consultation, sessions, appointments, etc.

Benefits of using Telemedicine

With the benefit, one can think of several advances which are actually true. You can benefit from telemedicine in many ways, some of which are discussed below:

  • Better Convenience
    With the help of telemedicine, one can enjoy the comfort of home-based medical assistance. This can save time, effort, and money.
  • Easy Access
    Anything that is accessible using the internet is always convenient. Telemedicine can be accessed from any place where the internet is active.
  • Best Assistance During Pandemic
    During times of pandemic, telemedicine can be the best medical assistance people can get. Also, in the case of infectious disease, it can help restrict the spread further.
  • Primary Care
    A regular visit to the doctor for any primary condition can be resolved using telemedicine, which can save the time and effort of both the doctor and the patient.
  • Family Involvement
    It is always wise to have a family member sit beside you when you are suffering from illness. Telemedicine makes it easier for the patients and their family members to attend the session with the doctor together. Even if you need services like a lab test at home, telemedicine can help.