Home care

Doctors at Home

Get personalized medical consultations and treatment from experienced doctors in the comfort of your home.

Elderly Care

Comprehensive care services for the elderly, ensuring their well-being, comfort, and health at home.

Home ICU Setup

Advanced ICU equipment and expert medical care brought to your home for critical patient management.

Post Hospitalization Care

Get best professional care and support to aid recovery and rehabilitation after hospital discharge.

Physiotherapy at Home

Convenient home visits by licensed physiotherapists to assist with rehabilitation and pain management.

Nutritionist at Home

Personalized dietary plans and guidance from expert nutritionists to meet your health and wellness goals.

Nurse / Attendant at Home

Skilled nursing and attendant services providing round-the-clock medical care and assistance at home.

Hospital Liaison

Asklepia Health’s Hospital Liaison service ensures seamless care transitions, patient support, and effective communication.