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asklepia health 0 Comments 23rd October, 2021

Our body is like a complicated, bust very sophisticated machine. It has more than 20 major functions, being performed by the organ systems.

Blood carrying oxygen and nutrition, stomach and intestines getting the nutrition from food, kidneys are flushing out the byproducts, heart pumping the blood through the body and the brain coordinating our thoughts and movement.  As we age, specially after 30 years of age the possibility of one or more of the ‘departments’ developing some fault or the other remains.

With age we can also develop high blood pressure and high blood pressure.

One or more of these problems, if not detected in time will cause serious illness.  If we fail to notice that our hemoglobin was low and do not get it corrected in time, it will make us weak, breathless and low in energy.

High blood sugar if not picked up early will progress to damage, heart, eyes, kidney and brain. Similarly, high blood pressure   can cause devastating cerebral stroke with paralysis and kidney damage.

Heart problems if diagnosed early will protect us from getting heart attacks.

Heart attacks and brain strokes are still today a very serious problem, causing the highest number of deaths, not just in our country, bit all over the world.

In the same way we have our Car or Motorcycles checked up regularly to prevent major breakdowns, we need to keep a close eye on all the major

Organs in our systems. We di not want to have major illness.

It is not just a risk to life but also a matter of grave financial worry.

Spending a week in hospital, not only makes us sick but also drains or financial resources.

All of us value a normal and a safe life.

Asclepiad health offers easy and economical check up options to avoid any major problems in the near future.


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